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Augustine MK Choi
Institution/Affiliation Weill Cornell Medical, USA
Lecture subject Mitochondrial Dysfunction in Health and Disease
Taosheng Huang
Institution/Affiliation Division Chief of Human Genetics, University at Buffalo, USA
Lecture subject New Insights into Mitochondrial Medicine
李妮鍾 醫師/Ni-Chung Lee
Institution/Affiliation 台大醫院基因醫學部
Lecture subject Molecular Diagnosis of Mitochondrial Disease – an Update
吳瑞美 教授/Ruey-Meei Wu
Institution/Affiliation 台大醫院神經部
Lecture subject Mutations in the novel gene UQCRC1 encoding for mitochondria complex III cause autosomal dominant Parkinson’s disease and polyne
張瑞芝 研究員/Jui-Chih Chang
Institution/Affiliation 彰化基督教醫院
Lecture subject Mitochondrial Transplantation for Therapeutic Use in Hair Aging and Breast Cancer
[P1]   P2    P3    Count:12
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